2 really basic FTP questions

  mco 23:32 11 Oct 2005

I'm currently practising with NOF and FTP, both of which I'm very new to. I have 2 simple queries:
I have a trial site up and running and it works fine but..
1) the home page in the browser says 'index.html' but when you click back to it from another page it says 'default.html' What have I done wrong here?
2) My pages in the browser, although everything works, seem to be doubled up eg
'www. mysite. com / mypracticearea /page1/page1.html Is it supposed to say page one (etc) twice or have I done something wrong again?

  Forum Editor 00:03 12 Oct 2005

and you'll find that you won't get the 'default.html' problem any more. You had somehow acquired both an index.html and a default.html file - both identical - so I've deleted the default.html

The reason you're getting such odd urls on some of the pages is that you seem to be creating folders for each subject, and putting html pages (plus images) in every folder. That isn't necessary. Just create the whole site in NOF, and publish from within NOF - it will sort out the server-side file heirarchy for you automatically. You don't need to name your homepage index.html - NOF will do all that, once you've created the site architecture, and published from NOF.

In an ideal world you'll have all the images for the whole site in one folder, and all the html files will be together, in the root of the server space.

The problems you're getting are being caused because you are using NOF to design the site, but you're transferring the files into the server via a third-party FTP program, and you're creating the file structure yourself - don't so that until you are completely comfortable with how the server handles files, and how browsers display the urls.

  Forum Editor 00:09 12 Oct 2005

on the server - called 'safestor' and that inside it I've placed the rogue 'default.html' file. You can delete that file whenever you like.

Then, you might move all the current site files into 'safestor' and republish the whole site from within NOF - don't create any folders via FTP, and don't upload any files that way, let NOF do all the work, and you'll have a neat, fully-functional site. You can study that structure, and learn how NOF works from it. Not all software creates identical site structures, and as you become more experienced you'll use other applications and see other, differing structures. It's all part of the fun, but the big thing to remember is that your index.html file must be in the root of the directory in which your site files are stored.

  mco 08:31 12 Oct 2005

I wondered if it was something to do with the third party FTP program but I'm still having problems with it 'freezing' on me from NOF. It worked the first time and not after that. I'll try again tonight as you suggest after work.

  mco 08:33 12 Oct 2005

.. with using a 'paint by numbers' style webdesign program and then trying to learn it the 'proper' way. It's like starting from scratch except the little knowledge I do have is tending to lead me astray rather than help.

  Simsy 13:05 12 Oct 2005

as to how FE has deleted something on mcos site?

Have there been some private correspondance so FE has password?

Note I'm genuinely curious here, not making any untoward assertions... it's just that if FE hasn't been given this info it might suggest security issues.



  mco 14:26 12 Oct 2005

yes I did give him a password for it. I figured the worst he could do was go surreptitiously into my site and make it really good!!

  Forum Editor 19:21 12 Oct 2005

Sorry - mco has another thread, in which all is revealed. I offered to take a look, because sometimes it's just easier/quicker to solve a problem that way - which proved to be the case in this instance.

I have the logins for quite a few forum members' sites now, but I wouldn't dream of accessing or altering their files unless asked.

  mco 18:53 13 Oct 2005

If you read the post 'you'll see that I have created a folder' ... I'm going to try and republish the site via NOF which has been giving me problems recently. So I'm going to move everything into the 'safestor' FE's made. But -er - I don't know how to.Do I highlight each individual file and drag it? Or what? Failing any answer I'll just delete it all and try again - but then I won't have learned anything!

  Forum Editor 19:19 13 Oct 2005


1. Access your site via your FTP program.

2. Navigate to the folder that houses the NOF test site.

3. Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, and click on each of the files to be moved - this will highlight them all. Do it carefully, and when they are all highlighted, drag them into 'safestor'

You can drag folders, too, so you should end up with a bare test folder, except for the sub-folder named safestor. Now you can practise your NOF publishing.

  mco 19:43 13 Oct 2005

thanks! But.. I'm still wondering what I'll do if/when the NOF publishing dies on me one more time.

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