2 problems

  [DELETED] 22:13 29 Aug 2003

Hi i must stress this help is not for me but a friend.
The first problem they are having is when they tried to upgrade aol for 6 to 8 they are dialing as usuall but get a message saying you cant connect check cables etc. I know the line is ok cause i tested with my laptop and also the phone.
They are trying to upgrade withe an aol disc, i couldn't tell them anything cause i know nothing about aol, so any help here would be appreciated,

Next problem is when they open word up through the shortcut icon it comes up with my computer, any one any ideas why this is happening.

These two problems are on different machines but both run win/98.
Thanx in advance.

  [DELETED] 22:22 29 Aug 2003

Have they chosen the correct option from the CD when up-grading? there are several options to choose from, New account/new PC/same account/ same PC. Up-grade of present version to new, or add new to existing, and a few more as well.

If they have chosen the correct one, then the CD will have connected them to AOL automatically, with the only input being to confirm Username and password.

Not sure about the second one, except that the shortcut has been associated with, "My Computer some how.

Delete the shortcut, and make a new one from, Start/programs/Word. Right click on program name and choose "Send to desktop as shortcut". j.

  [DELETED] 14:21 30 Aug 2003

Not sure what option they picked from cd, advice i gave was to unistall the previous version of aol and then just start from the begining with the latest version.

One thing they did mention was that since first starting with aol they have moved from ntl to bt, dont know if this would make much of a difference when dialing out, since they still used aol 6 when the changed was made. As for the shortcut problem that is what i told them to do dont know if they have tried it though.

  Diemmess 14:42 30 Aug 2003

Djohn says there are several options, and indeed there are - to suit almost every possibility.

I would try another installation without uninstalling first....... but choose the path that acknowledges the existing account, and then allows a new installation. Also copy existing files to this new installion. Just follow the prompts very carefully.

This will keep the filing cabinet and anything left in the download manager but reset the connection for you. When finished there may be a version 6 and two versions of 8, the latest one with a (2) in its title.

When satisfied that everything that is needed from the old versions they can be uninstalled individually and completely.

I think Djohn has given the correct solution to the Word shortcut too.

  Diemmess 14:45 30 Aug 2003

"Also copy existing files"-----------I meant allow Aol to do this so should have read > Also "copies" existing files.

  [DELETED] 14:50 30 Aug 2003

I will pass on the info, thanx.

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