2 printers in one pc?

  rickf 10:33 02 Dec 2011

Never done this b4 but I now want to set up 2 printers on one pc, can I? Reason being I want to continue using the older one for documents and the new one for photos. Perhaps one as default? Any info/help appreciated.

  spuds 10:54 02 Dec 2011

The answer is yes. You should be able to add another printer within your operating system. I use it with XP, not sure about the latest Windows, but I would image it should be possible.

There is also another way, which you can add a printer by buying something like a Belkin switching device (F1U40vea1?), which can consist of 2 to more outlets for other devices. Check out eBay for new or used.

  sharpamat 13:48 02 Dec 2011

There is no problem at all, I have run at least two right back from XP thro Vista Win 7 and Win 8 DP

  rickf 13:59 02 Dec 2011

Many thanks people. Good on you.

  HondaMan 15:24 02 Dec 2011

Yes, it can be done quite easily. I have 5 printers hooked up to my PC and often they are all running different jobs at the same time. Gets quite noisy!

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