2 printers, 1 PC

  rickd 10:01 17 Oct 2006

I want to switch between 2 aging laser/inkjet printers on my PC, both of which use the old style 25 pin leads (i.e pre USB), but I only have the one printer port. Do I need to get a manual printer switch (i.e a box with a big knob on it for a/b), or can i use a simple 2PC's into 1 printer sharing connector backwards (i.e as a splitter), and toggle printers from Windows? Or is there an easier solution?

  spuds 10:32 17 Oct 2006

What operating system are you using?

Maplin supply a box for this purpose, but make sure that you have the correct type before you buy. I have used this type of connection in the past, and had various good and bad results.

At present I am using 3 printers on my system. 2 usb inkjets and one parrallel laser, configured through XP printer set-up. Simple case of transfering from one printer to another at the click of the mouse.

  rickd 10:43 17 Oct 2006

Using xp, so the software should handle it, just could do without another box on my desk if manual switching is a thing of the past, but I'm not sure if the PC would understand a splitter and could find the right printer cos it would simply send from 1 port (may even try printing to both printers at the same time!).
If I had 2 USB + 1 pll printer, it wouldn't be a problem, as I have 6 usb connections!

  mgmcc 11:50 17 Oct 2006

You could always install another parallel port using a PCI card.

  rickd 05:52 31 Oct 2006

Bought a switch off ebay for 99p, works great

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