SANAP 08:46 17 Feb 2004

I want to get a 2nd PC and have the option to surf the net on both, 1 downstairs in a den, other upstairs in a back room. My idea is just to buy an identicl modem, usb, as that supplied by the ISP and load same software on each MC as I will not be surfing at same time. I read about NETWORKING and wireless but the 1st PC is 99 vintage and one of the PCI slots was fried a while back so dont like opening it up again. Will my plan work? The IP address is dynamic ie u get a new one each time u dial up/connect.Its a usb modem about £35.00.


  gold 47 09:38 17 Feb 2004

I have two ADSL modems as long as one computers is powered down no problem i'm with Aol running XP and W98.

  BigMoFoT 09:41 17 Feb 2004

This is what you need to use - either via wifi or using cables, I would recommend cables..

The setup would be;

1 BB modem and 1 network card in 1 machine and 1 network card in the second machine. Open your network connections, under properties of that connection, advanced put a tick in ICS making sure you do the same on the second machine. Even though you get an IP address every time you log on, the network cards will require their own IP addresses and it is best to set them manually. For example on 1 machine and on the other...

  byfordr 10:37 17 Feb 2004

You will be able to use one of the modems at a time and therefore one pc at a time. A far better way would be to set a network using some form of router. A wifi one means you don't have to string cat 5 cable around the house. click here I'm using one of their DG834G. This is a all in one product. The way I have it set up is - DG834G plumbed into phone socket, connected to first pc using CAT. The other pcs are plumbed via wireless adapters. As long as the routers is switched on you can use both pcs or one of them on its own. There are other products that don't have a intergrated modem. Also click here has some hardware reviews.



  SANAP 13:29 17 Feb 2004

thanks all for replies and very useful information and links. I have gone for the usb modem route for the time being and cost was also a consideration. When I finally migrate from WIN98SE I will be ready for the wireless route and prices may have come down further. At the moment the cost at dabs for a wi fi link is working out at £225.00 which is a bit too much at the mo.

A Q for byfordr, when u say the DG834G is connected to PC with CAT, what is CAT and does that mean u have another card in the PC? My idea was that u would buy the DG834G and 2 wireless PCI cards and away u go. Or can u join these wireless cards by cable as well and if so what is the benefit? Apologies if I have missed the plot!


  byfordr 15:12 17 Feb 2004

CAT = CAT5(e)cable a industry standard networking cable. If you have a phone line near one of your computers you can save on the cost of a extra wireless card by using on of the four 10/100 lan ports on the DG834G. The other pc can then be networked using wireless. The CAT5e cable is supplied with the unit. All you need in a 10/100 networking port on your pc to do this. Under £10 if you haven't already got one. A DG834G should cost around £120 click here
A adapter £45 click here or click here or click here click here

The unit is a all in one, contain wireless, firewall, router, switch and modem so there is no need for any additional modems. It should be £160 at the cheapest or £200 if you connect both pcs wirelessly



  SANAP 15:42 17 Feb 2004

Thanks again, it is getting clearer by the minute. The PC I am getting will have an " Integrated 10/100 Pro Ethernet" I have no idea what 10/100 means, probaly speed but I take it I can plug into it and save on the wireless gizmo.

The links will now be saved and I may be wireless a bit sooner than I had planned.

One last Q I have win98se on one PC and XP PRO on the new one, will that cause any hassle when I go wireless?


  byfordr 16:58 17 Feb 2004

Indeed it is! 10 Mbps 100 Mb per second.

You will be able to plumb the pc with Integrated 10/100 straight into the router, saving you the cost of a wireless gizmo.

Have a look on click here click here click here closer to the time for the best prices.

  byfordr 23:04 17 Feb 2004
  byfordr 20:11 20 Feb 2004

Some good prices on wireless kit click here

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