2 pc`s and ntl broadband

  denis93c 17:49 12 Jul 2004

i have two windows xp computers and 150kb ntl broadband.
is it legal to connect both pc`s to the modem,if so how do i do it?

  Djohn 18:12 12 Jul 2004

Yes, denis93c it is legal to connect both PC's to your ISP. you may have heard members talking about Networking two or more computers, this is what you will be doing if you want them both to be able to go on-line at the same time.

Not sure of the procedure with NTL but many others are and will advise. j.

  AndySD 18:14 12 Jul 2004

Are you connecting at the moment with a network cable or usb connection to either the modem or set top box?

  VoG II 18:15 12 Jul 2004
  Gaz W 18:19 12 Jul 2004

I've done it with an NTL broadband connection with a Windows 98 SE host and a Windows XP laptop as the client PC. Basically you use Internet Connection Sharing, which is a feature of all Windows versions from 98 SE onwards.

With XP it is installed by default and I think there is even a wizard to do it - maybe someone else on here can give you more details on that...

If your modem is USB, you need that plugged into one PC, and network cards (or the onboard network adapter if present) in both PCs.

If the modem is connected to a network card (Ethernet) you will need two network cards in the host (basically just add another) and one in the client.

A crossover cable is all you need to link the two PCs together.

This might be of some help; it's about Internet Connection Sharing in XP: click here

  Gaz W 18:22 12 Jul 2004

VoG™ might have beaten me to it with a better idea! I've not read about that Actiontec thing but I do seem to remember NTL offering something for networking but that involved a router and they wanted a fortune for it, so I saved a few people a fortune while making myself some money by using ICS!

  denchris 18:22 12 Jul 2004

you can of course use a crossover cable btween the PCs,simple enough,however I found the best and easiest way to connect is to use say Linksys router/switcher, very easy to set up and safer.

  Djohn 18:36 12 Jul 2004

denis93c has asked for help back in this thread but it seems to have slipped back without any replies other than mine. It's not strictly a PC problem but some of you may have the answer. click here

  denis93c 20:03 12 Jul 2004

do i just need a cable to connect the two pc`s together,if so what do i ask for?

  Gaz W 22:49 13 Jul 2004

Just an ethernet (CAT 5) crossover cable to connect them together, but of course you need something to plug it into at either end, i.e. network adapters - either onboard or a PCI card or whatever.

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