2 PC's on Internet at same time using Broadband

  T42 17:49 26 Jul 2004

I want to have 2 home PC's using the adsl line at the same time. Is this possible using one exteral modem.One is a desk top pc and the other is a laptop .If it is possible what is the best modem to get and how are the two pc's connected

  flyingpeterpan 18:18 26 Jul 2004

It despends on how you're using your PCs,if you want to go online independently, means one of the PCs doesn't have to be on all the time so as the other one can be on line,then you'll have to get a router.
If you don't mind one PC to stay on, assuming you have a USB modem connected to your PC,(which should be supplied by the ISP),then use a crossover cable to link up the 2 said PCs thru' the RJ45 connectors(NIC adaptors).
Then run the network wizard ,this is easy if you have XP on both PC,then activate ICS,you should be OK then!

  HauxtonPhil 18:52 26 Jul 2004

If you want either machine to access bb ie. one on or the other on or both, then you need to have a router. If you haven't already got the external modem then the neatest solution is to get an adsl router. All you need then is to be able to join the computers to the router. This can either be done using ethernet or wireless or a mixture of teh two - I personally prefer to have the desktop machine connected by the ethernet connection and the laptop using wirelss. If you went for that option you would need a wireless adaptor for the laptop, either as an PCMCIA card or as a little usb plug in unit - some of which are now as small as a pen drive. Watch out that the router and the usb adaptor/PCMCIA card use the same protocol, 11g for 56Mb communication or 11b for 10Mb

  TomJerry 20:00 26 Jul 2004

Through away usb modem.

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  howard60 20:33 26 Jul 2004

for just 2 pcs you do not need a router - your main pc with its connection to the net and a network card about £10 each for each pc and a crossover cable about £7. As others have mentioned this way your desktop will have to be on for the laptop to connect but I doubt this is a problem.

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