2 PCs have suddeny died

  BeesFan 08:06 11 Dec 2004

My main PC (Athlon 3000, 1GbRAm) started randomly turning itself on and off yesterday and then refused to switch on at all......not even any status lights when u switch on

I bought a new 650w, triple fan PSU and installed that but no change - any ideas? There is not even the flickerings of activity (and yes I have tried new leads, different plug sockets etc)

Also this morning, Ive come in to find my second PC on my home network is totally DOA. This too is an Athlon (2800). All I have left is a Pentium 3 which touchwood is so far unaffected.

Im getting a friendly electrician round to check my house, but can anyone tell me whats next to do with the PCs having already changed PSUs

I really dont need this....LOL

Many Thx

  slimbo51 09:08 11 Dec 2004

Not had any thunderstorms recently have you.

  slimbo51 09:13 11 Dec 2004

Sorry didn't finish my post.

Have you checked wall socket working ok. Plug a lamp or drill ect into it.

Not knocking out any of your RCB on your consummer unit is it.

Loose neutral connection in sockets can often create unexpected probs as well.

Please post back.

  BeesFan 09:22 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for answering.....

No - Ive tested a range of other things in the different sockets concerned and all work fine

Electrics throughout house all fine

  slimbo51 09:32 11 Dec 2004

If you have a meter would sugest pulling the power supply plug of the M/Board, and doing a voltage check across the PSU socket.

Make sure you power down the mains before pulling plug.

This will at least tell you if PSU is working or not.

You can even pull a cdrom or H/drive power plug off and check that for supply voltages.

Can't remember which is 12v line and which is 5v off the top of my head though.

  BeesFan 11:47 11 Dec 2004

Oh dear....this is suddenly getting outside my capabilities

Have fitted a brand new PSU so Id be surprised if that was faulty

Guess I better try find a good PC repairer locally :-(

  slimbo51 12:08 11 Dec 2004

When you power up the comp does the fan in the PSU go round.....?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 11 Dec 2004

Random offs quite often to do with heat are your PCs in a hot enviroment ie close to radiators etc.

  BeesFan 15:35 11 Dec 2004

The PSU fan seems to start turning then stops....

  woodchip 15:40 11 Dec 2004

If it's a new PSU the fan should keep working unless the Comp as blown that by drawing too much power. This sounds more and more like the Motherboard as had it’s chips, sorry for the pun

  BeesFan 20:23 11 Dec 2004

Well after changing leads, fuses in seemingly random combinations, the damn thing started working out of the blue......

I left it running with the case open and I did get one of the random switch offs that were plaguing me before the brown stuff really hit the fan this morning

On the shut-off, the hard disc closed down, but the PSU fans and CPU fan kept running continuously. Prior to this I had suspected the graphics card of playing silly buggers because most of the switch offs were caused whilst playing 3d type games and the fan on the Ti-4200 seemed to sound a bit creaky and rattly

Any thoughts? Is there a suitable spray or such like for the graphics card fan?

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