2 pc's. Can only connect 1 via WEP & 1 via WPA

  ajay2103 22:03 12 Aug 2008

Hi all
I have 2 laptops that can both happily connect to the internet. Unfortunately if we can't use them both at the same time.
1 connects through WPA only
1 connects through WEP only

Obvioulsy i have to change the router settings each time we need to use one or other of the laptops.

Can anybody help?

Many thanks

ps. Main laptop is Sony Vaio running XP
Other laptop is one of these tiny ASUS Eee pc's (although i did have the same problem with my old dell laptop!)

  ambra4 22:26 12 Aug 2008

“1 connects through WPA only, 1 connects through WEP only”

You must use the same security setting that is set on the router for the wireless devices to connect

If the router is set to WEP all wireless devices must use the WEP security setting, same goes for the

WPA security setting

You Cannot Mix And Match As You Feel Like

  ajay2103 23:28 12 Aug 2008

Sorry, I obviously didn't describe it very well, my fault.

I'm not 'mixing and matching', basically I cannot connect both pcs at the same time.
If I want to use the Vaio I have to have the router set to WPA. When it's set to WPA, the Asus cannot connect.
If I set the router to WEP, the the Asus can connect, but the Vaio can't!
I must have something set up wrong somewhere, because 2 fairly new pcs should be able to connect at the same time using the same security setting!

Hope I've explained it a bit better this time. Sorry for that.


  ambra4 23:34 12 Aug 2008

What is the wireless security that the vaio wireless card have?

  ajay2103 15:13 13 Aug 2008

If i'm looking at the right bit on the :
Network connections
Wireless Network connection - Change settings

Under Network Authentication i have these options:
open - shared - wpa - wpa-psk

Now under the 'open' option i have the WEP option. I have tried this with the network key and key index (which is the same one the asus uses and connects with.)

Hope this is what you needed to know. Many thanks for trying to help


  ambra4 16:29 13 Aug 2008

In the router can you use wpa-psk setting

Will the asus allow wpa-psk setting or only wep

  ajay2103 20:30 13 Aug 2008

Yes router can use wpa-psk. That's the one i use for the Vaio. and No, the asus can't connect to that. The asus has wep or wpa (not psk)

  ambra4 21:16 13 Aug 2008

Ok it seems that you need to set the router to use WPA and on both computers and do a update to

XP take a read at these sites

click here

click here

How To Configure WPA Support in Windows XP

click here

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