2 PC's - 1 monitor

  Logov 11:13 01 Nov 2003

Is it possible for two pc's to share the same monitor (not at the same time obviously, one switched on while the other is off) without having to fiddle about with connections. Is there some form of hub/router available that will do this job and save me the expense of buying another monitor.

  pinka 11:46 01 Nov 2003

try maplins, if they dont do one i doubt you can.

  FRANKMAC 11:52 01 Nov 2003

what u need is a monitor switch, or video switch (sometimes known as a vga switch)

As pinka suggests maplins would be a good bet.

This site explains what they do click here

  flecc 12:05 01 Nov 2003

Cheapest bet for this is the Belkin low cost option at around ?30 or less since it includes the cables. Most of these KVM switches cost more trhan that and have to have a set of cables as well which can cost as much as ?40 extra.

The KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse, since all three are switched so that the same mouse/keyboard operates for both computers. Hence the cost of all the cables.

Dabs usually carry most of the options for these, PC World also stocking some, plus Maplins as mentioned.

Avoid the purely mechanical switches as they are nor suitable for two computers to one monitor, only the other way round, one computer to either of two monitors. Only an electronic KVM switch will reliably do the job you want done.

  flecc 12:08 01 Nov 2003

I type a pound sign (?) and get a question mark (?) appearing in the response.

  flecc 12:10 01 Nov 2003

not worth worrying about, the Euro's probably coming anyway. Wonder if that works? ?

  flecc 12:11 01 Nov 2003

That gave a question mark too!

  spuds 12:14 01 Nov 2003

This was a question which someone else raised a while ago, with good results.Tried a search, but cannot find the posting now.

flecc-- The ? ? problem as been around since change of PCA website change. Sir Rad first noticed it, and FE as been informed.

  ardvarc 12:18 01 Nov 2003

Have a look at these

click here

  slimbo51 15:12 01 Nov 2003

Reason ur not getting "?" sign is ur keyboard is configered for the Yank layout and not the British keyboard layout.

Because M/Soft is a yank outfit they reckon the whole world should use this layout, and as such set it up as default when windows is loaded.

Go to "Control Panel" and "Keyboard" and tell it to do ur Bidding and change it. May well require u to put win op disk in to achieve this.

  ardvarc 16:54 01 Nov 2003

Didn't check last posting,. Apologies if too late

click here

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