2 PCs, 1 BB account

  Jackcoms 07:59 25 Apr 2005

My ISP is Tiscali and I use their 1 mb BB service with a Sagem modem connected to my desktop PC.

I am currently awaiting delivery of a new laptop and another Sagem modem.

Can I use the new laptop and second modem to connect to my existing Tiscali account through another phone socket in the house or is it a case of one ISP account equals one connection only?

  lostinspacebar 08:15 25 Apr 2005

yes jackcoms that is possible.

in fact i use aol and can connect to more than one account at the same time on different puters.

dunno if you can do that with tiscali though you`ll have to inquire to tiscali

  User-312386 08:27 25 Apr 2005

All you need is a router with more than one connection

  lostinspacebar 08:51 25 Apr 2005

yup madboy is right

to connect to isp accounts at the same time requires a router.

however if you just wanna use a seperate phone socket to access your tiscali account on your laptop then you need no extra hardware as long as your desktop is not online.

did you mean simultaniously?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 08:59 25 Apr 2005

where you don't need a router or another modem. Just buy two wireless cards and set up ICS (internet connection sharing) and you can use the internet on both machines at the same time with just one connection and have the benefit of the network as well. Only downside is that the host pc needs to be on to access the net.

  Jackcoms 09:08 25 Apr 2005

Looks like you answered my question.

I have no plans to buy a router and don't need one for what I have in mind.

However, I CAN connect to my single Tiscali account using the desktop through one phone socket and the laptop through another phone socket but NOT at the same time.

Is that correct?

  Stuartli 09:21 25 Apr 2005

Tiscali states clearly on its website BB FAQs that it has no objection to subscribers linking its service to more than one computer.

This is the wording (click here):

"Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet with Tiscali Broadband?

"Some operating systems such as Windows XP allow multiple users to share a single Internet connection.

"Tiscali does not provide technical assistance for networking your computers but does not prohibit connection sharing."

If you do decide to share, the host computer should be the XP version if you have two different operating systems.

  Stuartli 09:22 25 Apr 2005

There's a full rundown under Networking in XP's Help and Support.

  Jackcoms 09:41 25 Apr 2005

Thanks for all your help

  bosmere 09:41 25 Apr 2005

Jackcoms "Is that correct?" - yes!

  Bagsey 09:54 25 Apr 2005

<However, I CAN connect to my single Tiscali account using the desktop through one phone socket and the laptop through another phone socket but NOT at the same time.>
That is correct, but you will need to close the other computer down as BB is permenant connection until you close it, so you wont get on line with the second comp if the first not completely off line. But that may be no trouble to you. I found that it was a pain so I networked my two with a cross over cable and apart from the main comp being on all of the day( I only switch off when I go to bed anyway) it works no bother.

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