2 monitors

  paddyjack 19:30 17 Nov 2003

my son had 2 monitors on his computer, each capable of showing different items. Over the weeken one of his mates was fiddling with the settings and now all he has got is 1 extended monitor. He can not remember how to set it back to 2 monitors. Help gratly appriciated.

He is using Cubase sx with Reasion in slave mode, what he wants is Cubase on one monitor and reasion on the other. At the moment one program or the other is on bothe monitors.

sys win 2000, with Radiion 7500

  hugh-265156 20:06 17 Nov 2003

check the drivers for the graphics card have not been removed.

control panel/system/hardware/device manager

look for the display adapter,if there is any yellow question marks here the drivers have been removed.

get the latest driver click here

install if needed and check

control panel/display/settings

you should see two screens,click screen 2 and then tick"extend my desktop to this monitor" below.

  paddyjack 21:04 17 Nov 2003

thanks huggyg71

everything appears to be in order no yellow questin marks, reinstalled drivers anyhow, but only one screen in display/settings.

Yes there were 2 screens, but one of them has gone walkabout, but where?

You need to go to display, and then setting's and advanced and then have a look on there. i know with NVidia driver's that is how you can set it, not sure about ATI

  hugh-265156 22:39 17 Nov 2003

in xp with the latest drivers,version 3.8 or 3.9 the two screens are in control panel/display/settings

the advanced tab will just let you adjust the tv or secondary monitors colour/brightness settings etc under the "displays" tab.

  woodchip 22:39 17 Nov 2003

Right Click on desktop\Properties check in there may be under advanced settings

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