2 monitors - 1 pc question

  agoodbloke17 16:41 11 Nov 2014

My PC has a 1 x VGA port and 1 x HDMI port.

I have two monitors, both with VGA cables.

What is the easiest (and cheapest) way of setting up these 2 monitors to my PC?

Many many thanks in advance.


  bumpkin 17:05 11 Nov 2014

Have a look here for a suitable adapter click here

  lotvic 18:40 11 Nov 2014

HDMI is a digital interface, while VGA is an analogue interface

make sure you have a converter box. Bit of info article on click here that link is for info only, not suggesting you buy anything from there.

  Batch 19:13 11 Nov 2014

Your PC has 1 graphic capability - it can output the same signal on both HDMI & VGA.

If you want dual monitors, such that (for example) the whole desktop is shared/split across the two monitors or different windows open on each monitor, you will need a graphics capability that specifiaccly supports it.

  Woolwell 19:18 11 Nov 2014

Batch - The graphics card or onboard graphics installed may be able to do it.

  bumpkin 19:22 11 Nov 2014

Lotvic, as a matter of interest, do the cheap adapters not work at all?

  lotvic 00:28 12 Nov 2014

bumpkin, I don't know, never used one.

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