2 monitors on 1 PC

  visalia 15:11 25 Oct 2005

Can anyone tell me in simple terms how to add a second monitor to an E-Machines 3260 please.

Thanks in advance.

  BurrWalnut 16:14 25 Oct 2005

You will need a graphics card with 2 monitor connections.

  wee eddie 16:31 25 Oct 2005

Whether you want to display the same Desktop twice. - You need a splitter Cable


To double the size of the Desktop - as BurrWalnut says you need a suitable Graphics Card

  Djohn 16:51 26 Oct 2005

It can be done quite easy with just the one graphic card, preferably one with 2 outputs. Most graphic cards will have the options for running 2 monitors off 1 machine with the choice of spreading your desktop and screen saver over the 2 monitors, or having a separate display on each one.

You can then open any program and drag/drop between the 2 screens. Ultramon is an excellent application, very easy to use and will give you many options to choose from. It is the one I use myself.

Have a look at the application click here

  DieSse 20:20 26 Oct 2005

Or you can simply buy a second graphics card (depending on th PC, this would probabl be a card for a PCI slot). For many moons now, Windows has supported multiple graphics cards and monitors, and had built-in software for configuring how the two screens operate.

I've done them on Win98, WinME and WinXP systems, for clients. You can have several cards and monitors, not just two.

  preston 21:17 26 Oct 2005

if you have win xp, right click on screen > properties > settings and the the page showing the the 2 monitors and how to configure them is displayed.

  visalia 22:18 26 Oct 2005

Thanks guys. I thought I read somewhere that XP would support multiple monitors, thanks for confirming it. So, as long as I have the monitor and XP, all I need is an additional graphics card with an output? Will it just slot in and work after installing the software, or will I be connecting 50,000,000 different cables here,there and everywhere?

  recap 12:44 27 Oct 2005

"or will I be connecting 50,000,000 different cables here,there and everywhere?" No just a standard graphics card and the cable from the Monitor to the PC.

  Naz62 00:21 03 Nov 2005

2 monitors on 1 pc hard drive does not work. The motherboard/RAM/Sound card etc over rides, I've tried it twice. Brought a 3 screen monitors direct from manufacturers instead.

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