2 Monitors , 1 PC ?

  Iiyama lover 20:55 04 Sep 2003

My slot car club is moving away from clumsy manual lapcounting to using a PC. Photosensors under the track 'talk' to the PC via a printer cable connected to a special card inside.

It occurs to me that it would be bloddy amazing if the display could be seen by the drivers as well as race control. The software has a 'large font' setting for just this occurance.

However to do this properly would involve a second and large monitor wired in and facing the drivers.

Is it possible to connect a second monitor? Bearing in mind we will be using a laptop and that said machine will already have the extra lapcounting card installed, I would imagine the device by which the second (CRT) monitor is connected would have to be external?

Please advise...

Many thanks - Deane (click here)

  interzone55 21:21 04 Sep 2003

I may be missing the point here, but most laptops have a VGA or S-Video output, could you not just attach the monitor to that?

  rickf 21:25 04 Sep 2003

nView software will let you transfer one image from one pc to another. Not at all sure this is what you meant though.

  Iiyama lover 21:59 04 Sep 2003


I found out about that after posting this topic but i'm not sure the laptop the club will use has such 'outs'

are there other options?

Regards - DEANE

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