2 monitors on 1 computer. HOW

  User-324448 09:16 19 Oct 2005

I help at a small computer club for stroke and head injury victims it would be handy if we could use two monitors from one computer,How do I do it??

  PaulB2005 09:19 19 Oct 2005

You need a video card with two outputs or two video cards.

What is the make / model or your PC? Can you give any further specifications? Would you be able to open the PC without invalidating the warranty?

  PaulB2005 09:24 19 Oct 2005

If you want to show the same image on 2 monitors at the same time a simpler solution might just be a VGA splitter cable - like click here

Plug the male into the current video card and the ends of the monitor cables into the female ends of the two cables.

I'll try to find one in stock somewhere.

  PaulB2005 09:27 19 Oct 2005

click here

£5.88 inc VAT

328 in stock

Usually ships same day

Quickfind code: 17977

Mfr #: F3G006-01

  User-324448 14:20 19 Oct 2005

Im not sure of the make but it was donated by BT and runs Windows XP.
The Monitors will be showing the same thing and they are CRT we are not on Broadband. for what the small cost is I will get hold of the bits and give it a go The BT system is almost a year old and we are not too concerned about the warrentee. Thanks again paul for your help

  PaulB2005 15:14 19 Oct 2005

Thats ok. If you are showing the same image on both screens then the cable above will do.

  User-324448 15:46 19 Oct 2005

Hi Paul, I will go to the office where the computer club holds its meetings and check on the system they have and then I will get the cables, it all sounds very simple even for my aging brain. Thanks a million for your help, they will think I am a genius if it works and I am happy to let them. I will let you know via email how I get on if thats ok with you.it may be a while though. Prof

  Stuartli 16:20 19 Oct 2005

Windows automatically recognises if you have a dual monitor setup in Display Properties.

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