2 meg ADSL

  Cessna 13:38 19 May 2003

I am still jumping for joy but at last BT has announced that my exchange is upgrading to ADSL in July this year.

However I dont think i will be happy with just their 512 ADSL speed, having been spoiled by my mates 1 meg blueyonder speed.

now I know that some ADSL providers are doing 1 meg ADSL packages, and some are even doing 2 meg packages.

can anyone tell me who is doing these, do i need to be within 50 miles of london for it, or do the suppliers supply anyone who can get ADSL? and more importantly does anyone know if BT are going to offer 1 and 2 meg connections to home users in the near future?

thanks for your time.

  graham√ 13:53 19 May 2003

Ah, you see, Blueyonder is cable. Don't know of any land line-based providers offering above 512k, they are re-selling BT service after all.

  Confab 13:57 19 May 2003

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But it's not cheap!

  graham√ 14:05 19 May 2003

Not often I'm right, but I'm wrong again! Forgot about Onetel, just looking at their site for v92 support the other day! :-(

  jeez 14:17 19 May 2003

hang tight, get a good mainstream 512 connection, from what i hear the only limitations to increase is the flicking of a switch! usa and some of eurpoe's speeds are already at a 3-4mb "average" with the norm in taiwan (I think) is about 20mb. Uk will catch up soon, but they're obviously going to milk it for a while

  Cessna 14:30 19 May 2003

I see a company called Internet central is taking orders for 1 meg and 2 meg adsl connections. £50 per month for the 2 meg service. magic.

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  NadineCoyleRocks 15:26 19 May 2003

I'm the opposite, I'm hoping that some ISP's will be offering ADSL at lower rates for 256kb or even 128kb, any news on this?

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