2 lost of favourite folders

  collinsc 13:32 13 Oct 2018

Somehow i have ended up with 2 lots of favourites folders and its a nightmare to navigate! I cant remember when or how this happened. I have 1 folder called "Other bookmarks" which is on the very right hand side (on the right of the divider line to the icons in the bookmarks bar. The second folder is in the bookmarks bar itself, and this is named "Favorites".

The structures are almost identical. New favourites have been added to both. i somehow need to merge them!

Im using chrome.

any advice appreciated.

  difarn 11:17 14 Oct 2018

I believe that the only way you can get rid of "other bookmarks" on your toolbar in Chrome is actually to open the folder and delete all of the folders in it.

  difarn 11:23 14 Oct 2018

I tried what I posted and the folder just pops back when you bookmark anything.

  collinsc 13:30 14 Oct 2018

difarn - thanks. so 'Other bookmarks' should be the single source of truth then and i somehow need to merge the pages from 'Favourites' to 'Other Bookmarks'... do you know how i might be able to do that without having to look at every single page?

  davecartman 13:59 14 Oct 2018

Don't know if this helps with what you are trying to do but if you right click on the bookmarks bar one of the options is 'Bookmark manager ' a new windows opens and from there you can delete/merge/rename folders etc.

  collinsc 14:31 14 Oct 2018

thanks. i want to merge 2 lots of folders, i think i may have to review every single page in each folder in each of the locations

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