2 joypads in 1 gameport

  notmeguv 20:57 24 May 2004

does anyone know of any information about getting 2 joypads through 1 gameport, i seen it on a web site about a year ago but cant remember where. it used an adapter that was quite simple to make and it could accept 2 buttons on each pad. any information on this please?

  Dark Knight 21:12 24 May 2004

I realise this does not answer your question (but at least boots it to the top of the list again) but why can you not use USB game controllers?? I am currently running 5 controllers from my computer. Before anybody asks....

1x joypad from the gameport
2x Joypads from a USB hub
1x steering wheel from the USB hub
1x Joystick again from the usb hub

Each of the joypads are of differing quality - typically only use one of the USBs gamepads but the others are there if required.

  notmeguv 21:18 24 May 2004

the reason is: im using winuae amiga emulator, i have found 2 of my old amiga joysticks. i wanted to make this adapter and frig it so my joysticks wires went to the correct pins on the gameport. let me know if this isnt possible, or if you have a better idea. i cant play my amiga games with my usb joypad, its just not the same and too hard.

  Dark Knight 21:29 24 May 2004

I believe this is the sort of thing you are mentioning ?? and would need.

click here!

Found using Googe with search criteria 'gameport splitter'. The UK version brings up a similar list. As for whether it will work dunno - but always worth a try I guess.

As a matter of interest what games are you trying to play??

  Dark Knight 21:32 24 May 2004
  notmeguv 21:37 24 May 2004

that should work just fine. im going to play lotus turbo challenge 2, it came with retro magazine this month. i aint played it for years, wooohooo! nice one dark night.

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