2 hard drives and caddy ???????

  happy dragon 20:40 04 Nov 2006

hiya all
i have a new shuttle xpc running windows xp pro with 1 gig ram 320 h/d, athlon dual core cpu 4200 x2.
i would like to take old hard drive out of old pc and mount it into a hard drive caddy.
then run it off usb 2 connection on the new pc is it possible to remove operating system from the old h/d which is also running windows xp pro
and just leavce files programmes music films etc etc behind and then just use it like you would a normal usb pen drive .or can i just log on to hard drive when i plug it in and boot it up that way using login password still via the usb, or will i have to plug it in before i boot up the new pc and change the boot sequence in the bios if i do this how do i switch between both hard drives .thanx hope this is clear

  Zeppelyn 21:30 04 Nov 2006

Booting Windows from a USB drive is possible but a little complicated. You could hook it up and delete anything you dont want from it, Windows will just see it as additional drive and allocate next free drive letter to it.

  happy dragon 17:23 05 Nov 2006

if i hooked it up to the new pc would it be possible to remove windows o/s.
if its not when it is plugged in via the usb into the new pc via a caddy could i access it anyway without using the login or password for that drive or would them h/d etc settings be left in the old computers biosif you get my drift and i would just access it by clicking on the drive letter in my computer.thanx

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 05 Nov 2006

You will not beable to use the programs on the drive as they will not be "registered" in the shuttle op system.
To use as extra storage space.
Best thing to do is
place in a caddy set as master.
Copy all the data files/ music/pics you need to a folder on the shuttle
then format the external drive to get rid of the operating system.
then reload the file back to the external drive

  woodchip 18:15 05 Nov 2006

Programs will not work onthe Extrnal USB unless you reload them to that drive. So may as well get your info off the Drive then Format it. It should be set as Master to go into a caddy

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