Gharte' 10:09 26 Sep 2003

Hello folks, is it possible to have 2 hard drives (C and D) on the same PC running Win 98 on drive C and Win XP on drive D? Both drives contain files to be accessed at different times. Under what circumstances would such a configuration be necessary and what are the implications?
Any advantages and/or disadvantages?
Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 10:14 26 Sep 2003

Yes it is, that's the system I'm using. As for the rest...you can do your own homework, ;-)

  johnbhoy 11:10 26 Sep 2003

Gharte - I run both Windows 98Se and Windows XP Pro, this is due to having to young kids who like to go in and mess about with daddies computer, have spent many a long hour trying to get system back up and running after their messing about. I basically run both so that all my kids games and stuff are on the Windows 98 hard drive, which is fully accessible by me when in Windows XP. My Windows XP drive is setup with a NTFS partition, so cannot be got at using Windows 98 as it is FAT32, so kids cannot go messing around with my work and personnel files.

If you plan to run both, you need to install Windows 98 first, then install Windows XP.



  Gharte' 15:06 26 Sep 2003

Yes Johnbhoy, yours is exactly what I need to do.
Thanx for letting me know that it is very possible. Now please tell me: how did you do that? Which of the 2 drives did you configure for Primary Master and which for Primary slave or whatever? What exactly did you do to achieve that? Please give me the steps to follow to realise my dream. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanx in advance.

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