2 easy questions (I hope)

  Josquius 15:35 28 Jan 2004

1: How do I get a selector bar on my site? I don't want frames but I mean the sort of thing that this site has- click here . Is it some sort of a template that they work from when making their site?
2: How would I go about a random picture thingy? (most of the sites with web site tools I used to know have vanished)

  tomleady 16:37 28 Jan 2004

what do you mean by selector bar?

do you mean the orange thigns that, on the link you gave, separtor the dates (the orange things)?

or do you mean the links at the top?

  Taran 16:50 28 Jan 2004

If you mean their top navigation bar with Home, Introduction, Submit Work etc as the hyperlinks, it's a graphic with linkable hotspots assigned to it.

Most mainstream image editing software will allow you to do this.

You create your image, assign hotspots to it then give those hostspots hyperlink properties.

Ulead PhotoImpact, Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Fireworks, to name but a few, can all do this.

If you are refering to the navigation links at the sides of the page there are loads of ways of getting this effect. If this is what you want to do can you post back to that effect and someone will walk you through it.

I've no idea what a "random picture thingy" might be. If you mean a script that randomly loads a picture from a selection of available images, try click here or click here

  Josquius 11:31 29 Jan 2004

hmm...I'm going to have to try and dig up photoshop and make some sence of it.

I think thats what I mean by random image yes.
OK thanks.

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