2 drives on laptop - both with windows folder

  Alien Life Form 17:42 04 Aug 2007

I have 2 drives on my laptop - HDD (C:) and Local Disc (D:). Both contain a windows folder, Documents and Settings, and Program Files.
In HDD (C:) the Program Files folder contains folders for programs which have long been uninstalled. Plus in HDD my username is Alex wheras in Local Disc it is ALF (which I changed it to a while ago).
Drive C: was created on the 24th march 2007 wheras drive D: was created on the 6th April.
Anyone know what's happened here?

I tried formatting drive C: (by right clicking and selecting format), but I get a message saying: "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disc utilities or other programs that are using this drive..."

  X™ 23:34 04 Aug 2007

You won't be able to format C:\! It has your Windows on it! I think either someones tried installing Windows on both drives, or a second drive has been installed that already had Windows on it.

  Alien Life Form 16:55 11 Aug 2007

Thanks. How could that happen and what do I do?

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