2 Drives on 1 partition, 1 visible, 1 not,

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:16 14 Sep 2004

i have been having some difficulty with my drive

[In another thread which was getting very long so please]


ihave just resized the F\ drive back to 10gb mounted it etc but i couldnt see it in my comp,

so i went back to disk manager an formated it again,

when i went to mount it, disk manager said do not choose a letter, [it also did this on the 1st attempt, but i thought this was because it knew it was F\]thinking this is where i went wrong last time i tried to change it to F\ but it wasnt there i had to choose H
thinking this was because i had done it wrong last time again, & F\ was no longer available, I chose H\ as the drive letter, and named the drive PROGRAMME FILE DRIVE [As i had with F\ 5 mins earlier]

i then restarted comp to reset everything,

they are both visible in my computer, but only F\ is visible in Disk Management

i have tried to delete H\ in the left explorer tree but theres no delete on the right clik.

what a mess

any suggestions?


  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:29 14 Sep 2004

how about if i drag it [H\]onto the F\ drive?

ive just dragged it over, [but not dropped it] and it doesnt say it cant be done?????

ideas please


  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:33 14 Sep 2004

one more thing, i just created a new folder in F\ an it immediatly created 1 in H\ also, so they both now have a folder called new folder.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:52 14 Sep 2004


  It's Me 21:56 14 Sep 2004

In Partition Magic 8 there is a command called 'Merge Partitions'. I have used that. It works very easily. That would get rid of all your problems and leave you with just 'C' drive. Just follow the on screen instructions. The PC will reboot, do the job and then reboot.

From there you can then re-partition 'C' drive to your hearts content.

You can then name your drives with whatever letter you like from the 'manage' tab in 'my computer' Assuming that you are using XP that is. If not, there is a free piece of software that you can use.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:10 14 Sep 2004

ok thanx, ill have a look at it, is it freeware?

il do a search

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:18 14 Sep 2004

ok ive found a demo, of magic8

but before i nstal it, does anyone know whether i can just drag an drop it on top?????

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:32 14 Sep 2004

too late ive instaled it,

[its that ZEROTOLERANCE thang again]

anyway it still doesnt show the H\ drive, it seems it can only be seen in my computer???

come on people, are we all watching telly tonight,

suggestions please but not on a postcard :)


  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:07 15 Sep 2004


  keith-236785 19:48 15 Sep 2004

you are gonna have to find a little tolerance lol

firstly, how big is the drive (total size)does your computer accept the full disk as one drive?

what O/S are you using

first thing to check is

right click "My Computer"

click Map network Drives

see if there is a drive assigned as a network drive. if so, remove it.

  It's Me 14:51 16 Sep 2004

Sorry. I was away all yesterday.

No. Partition Magic is not Freeware as you probably now know.

If PM 8 (arguably the best Partitition controller there is) can't see this partition 'H' of yours, it has to be very strange and possibly not a partition, as we know it, at all.

Just what does PM8 show then?

Lets hear how paperman27 instruction worked for you.

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