2 Drive C's

  dublincity 19:04 22 Jan 2010

I have 2 x Windows 7 - one on each of two partitions on a single hard drive. The boot-up & the 2 OS's are fine. Each calls itself Drive C with the other as Drive D. This is only a problem when installing software; sometimes it goes to the correct OS, sometimes to the other. [Some drivers only go to a Drive C by default with no choice of destination. I suspect that the software can see 2 Drive C's!]

With XP I could use Partition Magic to change drive letters - altho' with risks when changing any Drive C. PM isn't compatible with W7.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Since I last used this site I have changed my e-address - & also the site has become less user-friendly: can somebody please tell me how I can change my account details without re-registering? Many Thanks.

  Sea Urchin 19:08 22 Jan 2010

To change your email address:

Just click on My Profile (top right) and then change details - then scroll down page and click Update Me.

If you are changing your email address you will then have to confirm the change.

  BurrWalnut 09:40 23 Jan 2010

In a multi-boot Windows configuration, whichever OS you choose becomes the C drive when you boot.

In Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc), the drive that is labelled as System and Active is where the boot files are stored for every Windows operating system in your multi-boot configuration. It is where the initial booting starts from and shows a list of operating systems on the screen when you switch on. The operating system you choose to boot to will be labelled as Boot, Crash Dump and Page File, and is given the drive letter C, which is not necessarily the System/Active drive, i.e. you’re not necessarily booting to the leftmost partition in the Disk Management graphic display. Also, the Page File could have been disabled or moved to a different drive.

Rarely are you offered the choice of where to store the installation files, the default being C:\Program Files. The default location is determined by this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. In the right pane, look at ProgramFilesDir. If you wanted to change it to a different drive, right-click ProgramFilesDir and Modify it to the drive of your choice, e.g. D:\Program Files which will put all new programs on the D drive. Remember that is only the storage location, you will not be able to boot to the other drive and run programs. Programs can only be run from the OS you have booted to.

  dublincity 03:59 24 Jan 2010

Many thanks for the replies. I use ‘BCD’ which sorts out multi-booting. It worked well with XP + Vista or W7 Home/W7 Beta – also with 2 x W7 Home. Because I’d used W7 Home too often I couldn’t activate it & so have replaced them with 2 x W7-RC which is when the trouble occurred. I could instal the audio driver on one OS but not on the other. I’ll get back later. Thanks again .....

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