2 different monitor outputs from 1 pc

  lahorie 16:04 30 Mar 2010


I have a pc with a standard grpahics card and monitor. I want to be able to view two monitors showing two different applications, i have a second monitor with a VGA connector.

Do i need a dual output graphics card to do this or some kind of adapter, i trust windows extended desktop can do this.

Windows xp pro sp3.


  DieSse 16:24 30 Mar 2010

There are two ways to go - another graphics card, or a graphics card with more than one output.

Windows has been able to handle multiple graphics cards and monitors from waaaay back. The first one I set up was at least 10 years ago on Win98.

What is your system like now? - AGP or PCIx graphics card. What other spare slots? What do you want to use the multiple monitors to do, performancewise?

  lahorie 16:32 30 Mar 2010

Hi DieSse

Its a PCI graphics card at the moment, performance wise i'm not too bothered as long as i can view 2 different screens with different applications on each. It wil lbe for viewing purposes only really.

Which option is best, dual output or 2 graphic cards?


  DieSse 21:21 30 Mar 2010

Is it PCI or PCIx - the difference is important.

  lahorie 16:00 27 Apr 2010


It's pc and i have managed to do this, thanks.

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