2 deferant monitors to display one big display

  orbitPON 00:51 09 Jun 2017


I have a dell latitud e6400 lap top and a HPvs19 moniter conected. The laptop is in portrat ate 800x1280 and the hp is in landscap ate 1280x1024(native)set as primeray/taskbar. The screns top and botum fram match perfictly squear.

But Wen I resize a window acros bouth monitors the window is a litel off in size. Wen I resize a browser acros bouth monitors its prety much mirored vew.

Shuld I get cheep eGPU for the laptop for this to work ? Is thear softwear to healp me tweke the setings so that screan resalution will match ?

Any sujestions ?

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