2 core speaker wire to 3.5mm Converter!

  alexgray104 18:45 09 May 2006

Interesting prob - We just got a new caravan which came with some factory installed speakers (but not a radio). Anyways, we have these wires from them dangling in the wadrobe and wondered if we could some how convert them to run on the laptop. I know I would probably need an amplifier as the output on the laptop is rubbish but we only want to watch TV on the tv card on it, not play eminem at a stupid level! We currently have laptop up full volume but struggle to hear it, especially when people walk past. Would the output from the laptop suffice to run these speakers at a low volume?? They are bog standard car style speakers with stripped ends. I was thinking I could maybe somehow get each speaker wire into a left and right composite wire and then plug the composites into a 3.5mm/composite converter??
Anyways, food for thought.
Many thanks for help, as ever.

  bruno 18:46 09 May 2006

You would need to find out how many ohms resistance the speakers are and see if they are compatible with the output on your laptop.

  bruno 18:49 09 May 2006

You can buy speakers which plug into MP3 players starting about a fiver and they would already have the correct plug on them without having to cobble up the ones installed.

  alexgray104 18:53 09 May 2006

Cheers Bruno,
Would the MP3 ones be better than the current stereo laptop speakers??? I just thought it would be neat and tidy if I could get the ones already installed in there - kinda surrond sound, lol!! Anyways, thanks for the reply!

  alexgray104 18:53 09 May 2006

Oh - If it helps - laptop model is either Compaq Evo N610c or Dell Latitude D600 - whichever works better when its in situ!

  Stuartli 18:57 09 May 2006

A straightforward pair of amplified speakers (this can be done using batteries with some models) with the standard 3.5mm stereo jackplug will improve the sound levels (as bruno mentions).

You can get very cheap ones at discount stores (sound not very good) or more expensive versions at better audio outlets.

Some examples;

click here;source=15&menu=823&doy=9m5

  Stuartli 18:57 09 May 2006

Proper link:

click here

  alexgray104 20:39 09 May 2006

Thanks for all your replies guys - looks like i'll have to give up on the car speaker idea!

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