2 cordless mice interacting from different rooms

  Tracygem 15:58 28 Dec 2003

Have just purchased 2 cordless keyboards and mice for 2 different pc's, when in use the mice/keyboard operations are registering on both pc's....this is causing chaos...... can the signals be separated in anyway? Thanks

  Rennaissance 16:11 28 Dec 2003

try changing the channel for each of them.

  Sheila-214876 17:11 28 Dec 2003

Another problem to look out for with wireless mouse and keyboards is a cordless phone in the house. If you have a cordless phone switch it off and then try the mouse and keyboard. If the mouse and keyboard work then you have two options. Get rid of the cordless phone or go back to wired mouse and keyboard.

  Sheila-214876 17:21 28 Dec 2003

Sorry, meant to say that you could also try the Genius PowerScroll wireless mouse that operates on the 2.4gh band it isn't optical but it has 16 channels which should eliminate any potential clashes. Get it from click here

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