2 connections or not 2 connections???

  Fateful Shadow 15:52 28 Nov 2003

I use virgin.net to connect to the internet, but something confuses me everytime I go into standby...

When I have disconnected and closed Internet Explorer, I click on standby, but a window appears saying that a dial-up connection is still acive.

When I come out of standby, another widow appears saying something about the Telephony system having to restart.

Can anyone shed some light upon why this would be happening?

Thanks :)

  johnnyrocker 15:55 28 Nov 2003

it would seem you have a trojan/dialler of some sort making phone calls in the background i suggest running a good check using spy bot and adaware.


  Fateful Shadow 13:18 29 Nov 2003

I've just done an ad-aware scan, it all seems clear, and I'm just about to do an AVG scan. Ad-aware came up with no probs.

An odd thing is that sometimes it will standby completly fine with no probs whatsoever.

Probably just another quirk of Windows ME lol. I've asked my dad (the main user of this computer) and he says he hasn't been on any odd websites or downloaded anything.

Thanks for the advice so far :)

  Fateful Shadow 13:31 29 Nov 2003

Right. Just done a virus check, and it came up saying that my computer is clean and virus-free.

No adware, no dialers, no viruses, what on earth is going on?!

Thanks again :)

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