2 computers 2 modems 1 account

  Diemmess 17:19 11 Dec 2004

My son's family again!

Both computers on the same BT line and Wanadoo a/c. ........ My son has now added a BB modem to the second computer. We thought naively that provided one computer was NOT on the net that the other could connect.

This is not what happens. OK if the USB lead is disconnected on either computer, but this is likely to encourage wear on the plug & socket.

Cost is a factor. Unlikely to fit wireless or hard intranet gizmos. Any simpler ideas out there of a cheap and cheerful nature?

  woodchip 17:23 11 Dec 2004

If on is BB then you can connect both through the BB connection or if you want to use the Dial-Up modem you can through a Filter connected to the BB line. So that both can work at the same time

  Diemmess 17:32 11 Dec 2004

ACOLYTE, that is interesting, because he is still seeking a way to sort out his access to IE and so on.

I'm no help because I live in the strange but steady reliable world of Aol..... IE only rears its head to me when I'm looking at something which brings in IE as its displayed page.

What steps should he take in the Dial Up or whatever connection in control panel or perhaps somewhere else? (Both computers are on 98SE)

  Diemmess 18:01 11 Dec 2004

Thanks too to you GANDALF <|:-)> ....Have emailed your advice.

It is access to Outlook Express he is fiddling with, but has given up for today.

Although when installing he expected to be asked for the modem to be connected, in fact he was asked for his ISP and plugged the modem in afterwards without using Wanadoo's package! Once on the net his account was quickly recognised.

Tomorrow's another day, and I will leave the thread open until or if, he has achieved his aims and then post back and close.

  Diemmess 18:38 11 Dec 2004

NB - the hardware is identical in design, only manufacturers differ. Both are BB USB connected via filters to the same telephone line and use the same Wanadoo a/c.

As I said I'm waiting till tomorrow to see how he gets on, but cheered that you all think it is possible once the right words and music are playing!

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