2 Computer problem's

  Targetmaster 22:04 21 Nov 2006

1: I have a HP computer less than a year old. The problem has been getting worse every day. Every time I try and start it, it freezes just as it reaches the desktop. I have firewall at max and have done a good amouint of virus scans and their is nothing. Any help would be good.

2: It dose not want to play certain games.
A)On one of the games I play as soon as it starts to start up it restarts the computer.
B)On a few other games they say they won't run because my proccesor is to slow. It says it dose not meet min spec of 1 ghz.

The processor is an AMD athlon 64 3800 +
The system says it runs at 2.4 ghz.
My old PC which is about 5 - 6 years old can play modern games just as well if not better. I am beginning to regrete buying the pc I have now.

Any help much apprecated

ps sorry about any spelling mistakes lol.

  Kate B 22:17 21 Nov 2006

Freezing can be the result of overheating - are all your fans working properly?

Can you start it in safe mode? If so, I'd also do scans with antispyware and anti-Trojan software as well as the antivirus: I'd scan with A Squared, Windows Defender, Spybot and Adaware.

Also, how many antivirus packages do you have running? You only need one: more than one will cause problems.

  Targetmaster 22:19 21 Nov 2006

It takes about 15 times to get it started. One it started it works 110%
I use the full nortan system. It seems to be best I have found.

  keef66 22:22 21 Nov 2006

if it's less than a year old is it still under warranty?

  Targetmaster 22:27 21 Nov 2006

Yes and that is what I have been thinking about.
It was bought from Comet. It is discontinued model now. They sold quickly. Old pc a Patriot and it best i ever had

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:27 21 Nov 2006

Have you tried uninstalling Norton and seeing if this helps...you can always re-install.


  Targetmaster 22:34 21 Nov 2006

It won't be nortan i have used the service for a few years and it works perfect every time

  Z1100 22:34 21 Nov 2006

Flash (update) the BIOS.
Remove any NON-Factory installed Hardware then Run the recovery and put the PC back to factory settings and call us back if there is a problem.

If no problem Install User programs one by one and test.

So, if you cannot get the best help here to solve the issue take the time to pre-empt the support desk and do 'all of the above'


  Targetmaster 22:39 21 Nov 2006

I know one other persn tht doen it. They spent hours on phone to get no were. Not even a friend that works for microft knows what could be wrong.

  citadel 22:43 21 Nov 2006

if it is under warranty they should fix it.

  Targetmaster 22:46 21 Nov 2006

Thsi is Comet we talkin about lol. They will ither offer another pc or refund. Same story with a good few products. Thsi pc the last from them

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