2 ADSL Modems on same line!

  Dervy 20:05 11 Oct 2003

Does anyone know if it's possible to have 2 adsl modems on the same phone line. I have Win2k pc with binatone 500 modem at the "master" box, with an extension line from the filter into another room. There I have a Win XP Home pc with
alcatel usb modem and filter into this extension. The problem is the XP PC will work only if the Win2k pc modem is unplugged from the phone socket. If the Win2k machine is off but the modem still plugged into the phone socket, the XP machine cannot initialize it's modem.

Any help would be appreciated.

  powerless 20:10 11 Oct 2003

2 ADSL Modems on same line! - At the sametime - no.

The problem maybe with the extension. Try connecting it directly (moving the computer there) just see if can actually connect.

To have both computers connect at the sametime you would need a little home network.

  Gary 20:44 11 Oct 2003

Obviously if you had one modem connected and try to make a connection from the other modem then you'll encounter problems, but if the first modem is not connected, I think the second one should still work.
I'll watch this thread with interest and perhaps someone can clarify this?

  madPentium 21:20 11 Oct 2003

I thought an adsl line was 'always open' regardless of whether you were connected or not. Once a device is plugged in I thought it acted as a kind of 'terminator'. I could be wrong but thats how I thought it worked. After all, it doesnt actually 'dial' when you connect.

  Morpheus© 22:43 11 Oct 2003

the line is active all the time, but it still has to connect to the ISP when you decide you want it to, best bet is a wireless card then you can surf around on both PC's to your hearts content, like i do, one desktop and one laptop...and of course,no wires..........

  DieSse 22:44 11 Oct 2003

You can't have two ADSL modems on the same line, and switched on at the same time - they smply won't work.

As Powerless says - yoy need to network the systems, preferably with an ADSL router - then you only need one modem (or the modem built into the router) to work either or both systems.

  Forum Editor 00:50 12 Oct 2003

is not always 'on' - it's always available, and when a suitable modem is connected to it and powered up it will establish a handshake with the exchange hardware. The connection isn't initiated until you - or your ADSL router if you have one - offer a username and password. At that point you'll be authenticated by your ISP and passed out to the Internet.

  graham√ 09:59 12 Oct 2003

To clarify, if two modems are connected to one phone line, the exchange will see it as a fault and disable ADSL.

  Dervy 12:39 12 Oct 2003

Thanks guys, I can see why there would be a problem if both modems are powered up, but why should the second (on the extension line) not initialize if the first is plugged in but the PC is off? Could it be that the second modem is in effect going through 2 filters???

  graham√ 13:09 12 Oct 2003

Now I'm puzzled. How is the extension phone socket connected, to the phone outlet or the modem outlet of the filter on the master socket?

  Dervy 13:59 12 Oct 2003


Sorry if I've confused. Hope this makes it clear!!

PC1.... ADSL modem to filter plugged directly into BT master wall box.

PC2.... ADSL modem to filter plugged into phone extension reel which is in turn plugged into the "phone" socket of the PC1 filter.

This makes PC2 trying to connect through the 2 filters!

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