2 + 2 =?

  powerless 01:04 28 Aug 2003

click here

In case you did not know. Google has a calculator!

Enter 2+2 hit enter and you'll have answer!

Seems to be pretty good.

You could use calc.exe or a handhled but still...

  [DELETED] 01:06 28 Aug 2003

Yep! received an e-mail this morning, telling me of new feature, handy at times. j.

  [DELETED] 01:06 28 Aug 2003

WFM! So it has LOL

  powerless 01:09 28 Aug 2003

From nellie...

Ahhh, well!

  [DELETED] 01:11 28 Aug 2003

2+2= 11 in Base 3

Is there anything Google doesn't do? ;O)

  [DELETED] 01:11 28 Aug 2003

Err no! :o( think it came from "Tourbus"

  hugh-265156 01:14 28 Aug 2003

excellent,cheers Powerless.

  powerless 01:16 28 Aug 2003

It was not moi!

Thanks to "Nellie2"! ;-)))

  [DELETED] 09:27 28 Aug 2003

Thanks Powerless, (or Nellie2?) ;-)

  Andsome 10:30 28 Aug 2003

Calculators are so cheap, is it really worth while booting up a computer to access one?

  [DELETED] 11:08 28 Aug 2003

Whilst we are in Babbage land there is an excellent, free, TALKING calculator at click here. I've used it for yonks and it really is good...you can even select male or female voice. Sadly I don't think it works on XP :-)))))


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