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  Audio~~Chip 12:38 21 Sep 2009


I am in need of replacing my old AMD Athlon x4800 and have choosen the following. Please note the windows on this one has to be a 32bit operating system due limitation of some software I need to run on it for my job. The software will not run in a 64bit environment hence my main limit is 2GB memory.

Can you look at the followig and see any problems with what I have choosen please

I also hope for it to be a fairly quiet machine

Gigabyte GZ-X3BPD ATX Case
Coolermaster Realpower 700w Modular PSU
Asus P5QL Pro Socket 775 Motherboard
Quad core 2 Q9550 2.83GHz CPU
Akasa AK-965 HSF
2GB Crucial CT2KIT12864AA1067 DDR2-1066MHz
Samsung Sata 22x SH-S223B or the newer Drive
Sapphire HD 4890 Vapor-X 1GB GDDR5 HDMI
Win XP Pro 32 Bit
Seagate 500GB ST3500418AS SATAII HDD 16MB Cache

I am not a gamer but do require the best in graphics as I spend most of my day working with spreadsheets, I also plan to invest in a 24 - 26" HDMI supported TFT

There may be a possibilty I might be able to upgrade the Operating system to vista or win 7 in a year so thats why I have gone high.

My main concern is only having 2GB with the rest of the choosen components, would I get and problems here ?

  I am Spartacus 13:06 21 Sep 2009

The CPU and GFX card are well over specified if your main use is for spreadsheets. A Core 2 Duo (or less) and basic GFX card would be sufficient.

2GB should be more than adequate even for massive spreadsheets but you could up it to 4GB although with a 1GB GFX card you'd only be able to use around 2.8-3GB.

  Quiller. 13:13 21 Sep 2009

Q9950 it is. There are 3 different types listed for this board. All requiring different bios revision numbers.

  Audio~~Chip 13:15 21 Sep 2009

How could I up the memory and be able to use 4Gb when using XP Pro 32 bit platform. I was under the impression you need a 64bit operating system to utilise 4Gb of Memory ?

Also why would a 1GB HD Radeon decrease 4GB memory that low to 2.8 - 3GB

  Quiller. 13:15 21 Sep 2009

Also why would a 1GB HD Radeon decrease 4GB memory that low to 2.8 - 3GB

Because all memory is counted in a 32bit system. A 1gb graphics card would drop the limit to 3Gb and the cache on the hard drive and cdrom's will drop the total windows can use to under 3Gb.

  Audio~~Chip 13:21 21 Sep 2009

I checked and the Asus P5QL Pro takes any of the Q9550 the rev though for the Q9550 is the E0 revision.

Confused now, I thought the Q9550 would be a better investment, as if I went onto Vista or Win 7 it would save me replacing the CPU and all I would have to do is replace the memory.

  Audio~~Chip 13:22 21 Sep 2009

So if I had 2GB memory even though its not a lot, I would have no problem in using the full 2GB ?

  Quiller. 13:30 21 Sep 2009

With that graphics card and the SATA drives cache. A 32bit system would see the full 2Gb of memory.

  Audio~~Chip 13:41 21 Sep 2009

Thanks Dick Tattor, I am confused what I need, I am trying to build a machine which will be good for Vista 64bit or Windows 7 64bit but not yet and use WinXP pro 32bit. As said before I need the machine to be good performance, graphics, quiet, reliable and cost not a problem.

Do you fancy designing ro giving me some ideas please.

  Audio~~Chip 13:52 21 Sep 2009

If I Did build with 4GB memory I understand I would only see 3GB of it, but if I fitted 2x 2GB DIMMS would it still operating in Dual Channel or do you loosed that as well with using a 32bit system ?

  Quiller. 14:42 21 Sep 2009

windows can only handle 4Gb in total for a 32bit system. So every bit of memory counts.

even the L1 and L2 on the cpu chip. That will be from 13Mb to 15Mb depending on the L1 cache.
A 1Gb graphics card will take off another erm 1Gb :-)
The SATA hard drive takes another 16Mb and the dvd drive will have atleast 2Mb of cache.
The graphics card or onboard sound chip will also use a small ammount.

So with 4Gb of memory you would loose quite a lot.

On the other hand if you used 4Gb of memory in dual channel

the memory would work faster, as dual channel mode will be activated.

You would see a great increase when you upgrade to 64 bit

and the best is if you have a setting in the bios to ungang the memory. This will let each of the 4 cores to allocate specific memory chips to that core. So multiple applications would not wait for memory to be available. Each core could store data required in memory to be readily available for processing.

If it was me. I would get 4Gb, put it dual channel mode and activate unganged memory. The benefits will show in time.

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