1Mbps with 1GB restriction - Beware !!!!

  wilf3102 17:27 03 Apr 2005

Hi there,

Is it just me, or do these glorious free upgrades by Bt Broadband and Tiscali etc, all come with hidden restrictions.

Having been given notification of my worthiness for an upgrade (Im with Tiscali 512 btw...), i looked at the Packages available on their website.

512k - 30GB usage limit.
1Mb - 2GB usage limit.
1Mb - 15GB usage limit.
2Mb etc

BT do a 1Mbps package with a 1GB restricton on the downloads, which got me thinking...

If im connected at 1Mbps, or even 2mbps, and was continually downloading a file at roughly that speed (though due to limitations, it would never download at the max), how long, in theory, would it take to reach the limit??

BT Broadband basic
1mbps with 1 GB limit = 2 Hours 20 minutes

Top up Fees for downloads over limit:
£4 for more than 1GB, £8 for more than 3 GB, £12 for more than 6GB.

BT Yahoo Broadband
2Mbps with 15GB limit = 17 Hours 30 minutes

If you reach your monthly usage allowance before you buy a top-up, your speed will be reduced to 150Kbps. Extra usage will cost £1.95 per 1GB.

Although these are theoretical calculations, they still highlight a danger amongst BT customers!!

Does this seem fair??

I realise that downloads wont connect at the full speed, but the danger still remains.

I think this is a con - what if I were to accidentally click on a download that was large in size. I'd be paying excess download charges after just 2 hours of a monthly download limit, or worse, I could be put on 150 kbps connection.
Aarrgghh !!!!!

All I can say is I hope my free upgrade doesnt put me on a package with a ridiculous Download restriction.

Or that will be the end of me downloading (big files) for sure!!

  octal 17:37 03 Apr 2005

NTL do the same or similar, everyone seems to be clambering for it, I'll stick with my 300KB thanks. Its not as if I'm downloading any large files, the largest being my Linux distro occasionally of 480MB, it doesn't make loading web pages any quicker, even on 1Mbs which I have at work.

  Stuartli 17:43 03 Apr 2005

Some of us, sadly, missed the unlimited 1Mbps Tiscali service (formerly 512Mbps) for £15.99 - in what seemed very quick time the offer was withdrawn...:-(

However, Tiscali's 2MB limit on its same price 1Mbps has a £1.50 fee for each partial or maximum 1MB added during the month, which is much less than some other ISPs.

  wilf3102 18:06 03 Apr 2005

I for one am pleased with the free upgrade, once i get it (should be faster by tomorrow).
Although time will tell if i exceed the download limit and have to pay extra.

i guess we'll just have to grin and bear it.
Im sure there'll be even more shuffling of the Broadband market.

Im waiting for the 8mbps connections that most of Europe seem to benefit from for the same prices that we pay for 512 !!!

  g0slp 18:45 03 Apr 2005

I'm quite happy with my uncapped 512...

  Dorsai 19:02 03 Apr 2005

I was worried about a possible download limit, but after getting a download monitor I realised that 1Gb may sound small in terms of current HDD size (I have 180Gb) and memory size (I have 1Gb), it is actually rather a lot in terms of web-browsing.

I rebooted my PC last, on Friday PM. Since then I have used it quite a bit for browsing, and have downloaded 54MB. Thats 26Mb a day.

1Gb at 26Mb a day would take 39 days to use. Well over a month.

Unless you download loads of music/films etc, I suspect 1Gb would be more than enough for normal web use.

  octal 19:18 03 Apr 2005

I've yet to find a download monitor that ignores broadcast traffic, with all that background buzz its difficult to get to grips on what I'm downloading and what is broadcast.

  Chegs ® 19:39 03 Apr 2005

I'm likely to occasionally overstep my monthly limit in a big way(If I still had BB)as I download linux ISO's,and would frequently overstep it in normal use as I tend to surf and listen to online radio at the same time.

XP requires a fair few MBs of updates,OfficeXP also needs another chunk of hefty updates,then there are the AV definitions,the anti ad defs,the regular "new" versions of Messengers/Browsers,the folks running UD/SETI,etc so I would be inclined to think that a cap "can" result in the "cheapest" ISP actually working out at the dearest.

  pj123 11:27 04 Apr 2005

octal, I am on NTL 2Mb at £24.99 per month. The 1gb cap is per day not per month.

  smy13 12:05 04 Apr 2005

This is what Wanadoo post on their BB, quite straight forward in way of an explanation. As long as it’s explained clearly, I guess you pay your money and make your choice

"A usage allowance means you only pay for what you need. If you don't think you'll download much each month then you don't pay more for it!

How does it work?
Everything you send or receive over the Internet is bits of data, whether it's a web page, an email, a music track or a video clip. Each bit of data is a different size and is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). The average email is around 4KB, a digital photo around 1MB and a music track around 5MB (1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB).

Your monthly allowance lets you download (receiving emails, web pages and files) or upload (sending emails and files) whatever data you want up to the GB allowance that you choose.

Standard user - 2GB is equivalent to downloading about 400 music tracks a month or sending and receiving 2,000 photos via email

Active user - 6GB is equivalent to downloading 1200 music tracks every month

Heavy user - 30GB is for heavy users and is equivalent to downloading 6,000 music tracks every single month!

You may use your Broadband connection freely up to these usage allowances. Your service will not be affected should you exceed your monthly allowance. However, we may contact you and request that you either reduce your usage or upgrade to the next usage band. If you continually exceed your monthly allowance your service could be suspended.

Please note, these figures are approximate."

  octal 15:34 04 Apr 2005

3Gb cap per month to upgrade to 1M from 300K which is 30Gb per month at the moment, no thanks, I'll stick with 300K till I'm forced to change.

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