1mb broadband

  harps1h 23:34 06 Sep 2004

my exchange has just been upgraded to 1mb. can anyone recommend an isp at good prices. iam already on pipex 512with no ceiling, which i would like to keep unless it is a vast ceiling as i like to game online.

it also says that an engineer will have to call: will these cost me or will it be borne by bt?

  cyberphobic 07:43 07 Sep 2004

If you stay with Pipex you can upgrade to 1 meg with no download limit for an extra £10 (approx) per month. I do not believe thet there is any cost involved.

  JayDay 08:19 07 Sep 2004

Plusnet click here do 1MB unlimited bandwidth for £29.99. Free migration. They they do loads of different options eg 1MB with 3GB bandwidth for £18.49.

Metronet click here do a PAYG 1MB service which will cost no more than £24.47 per month. £17.00 migartion fee.

  CurlyWhirly 19:36 08 Sep 2004

It also says that an engineer will have to call: will these cost me or will it be borne by BT?

If you look at click here all will be explained.

  dirtyh 21:09 08 Sep 2004

think i would upgrade and stay with pipex,not sure of the cost but i think its £22 or free sorry cant remember.
im with pipex 1m/b choose it for gaming but i am thinking of switching to 512 because i see no benefit having 1 m/b just for online gameing as 512 was just as good, the upload of 256 is the maximum on any adsl line so my thinking is your movements bullits etc still travel at 256kbs but you recieve bullets at 1m/b on the faster line which is not to your advantage.

  Dipso 21:17 08 Sep 2004

Metronet charge £24.47 plus VAT so it's £28.75

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