1Mb Broadband

  crimbo 10:13 13 Jul 2004

Hi Everyone, currently i have Pipex's 512Mb service connected via a router to a network of two wireless PC's connected wirelessly @ 11.0 Mb/s. Will i notice a speed increase if i upgrade to the 1.0 service, bearing in mind the speed of the wireless connection between the router and PC's.

  Rigga 10:53 13 Jul 2004

Quick answer yes.

You are currently using a 512 kb/s (Kilo bits per second)

Which equates roughly to 64k/s (Kilo bytes per second) (8 bits to the byte) (you should only see your download speed to be about 56k/s which is normal)

and as you are running a 11mbs (Mega bytes per second) (1024 Kilo bytes to the megabyte) there is plenty of spare capacity on your wireless network.

Long answer will often depend on what you are connecting too.. you can only download as quick as the server can upload!


  crimbo 12:54 13 Jul 2004

I'll give it some serious thought, thanks Rigga

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