AbodeMilano 13:52 05 Apr 2004

I noticed with Virgin.net the max you can have is 512kb. Is the speed dependent on which you get installed or the ISP. EG do I have to get BT to install a 1mb broadband line, and then get an isp to subscribe to the 1mb service. Also could I then go back down to 512kb if I so wished?

  pc moron 14:18 05 Apr 2004

The speed will depend on which service you sign-up to- 512Kbit/s or 1Mbit/s.

When you've decided which ISP/speed you want, place an order on thier website.

The ISP will then instruct BT to convert your telephone line to ADSL (assuming your line passes various tests).

Your ISP will then inform you when the service is resdy to use.

  AbodeMilano 14:27 05 Apr 2004

Oh, so I dont call BT to get the phone converted to broadband and then get an isp to subscribe to.

  pc moron 14:30 05 Apr 2004

No, you choose an ISP and they will instruct BT to convert your line as part of the order process.

  TomJerry 14:36 05 Apr 2004

I do not think you will notice any big difference between 1M and 512k for most net activities and even stream radio and video.

  AbodeMilano 14:40 05 Apr 2004

That's handy.

  Stonechatz 14:46 05 Apr 2004

... as I applied for 1Mb adsl with AOL - and my present 512Kb adsl was playing-up - I decided to postpone the 1Mb upgrade until I had made the 512Kb adsl to work again. I wished that I hadn't - as unbeknownst to me - BT spend money upgrading your landline. They will do this just the once, as contracts with AOL specify this. Had I known, I might not have applied for the 1Mb upgrade until I was sure my adsl would function at all. When I got my 512Kb adsl working once again, I was told by AOL that since I had not taken up my original application to upgrade, BT would not spend yet more money upgrading my line to 1Mb status, as they had already done so in the past! I would have liked AOL to have made me aware of these difficulties from the outset (but do have to admit that it would have sounded real hard-sell if they had said 'you get one chance and one chance only'). However, I am left mouth-agape at a large concern such as AOL finding no practical way around such a small, insignificant and trite matter as finding some way of upgrading the line to 1Mb - not so much because of, but in spite of, its contractual obligations!!!

  Garthyy 15:29 05 Apr 2004

1mb is much quicker especially for emails and also downloads. I wouldn't go back to 512kb

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