1GB ram and yet my laptop is still slow

  leeknight67 16:41 02 Jun 2006

I can not get my head around this. I sent my laptop away to get fixed and they put a new hard drive in my laptop. It a bigger HDD but its so slow. for example when i double click on a programme it takes around 10 seconds before it decides to open up. with my other HDD it was instant. I have even Maxed out my Ram and it has no effect. I have defraged it etc. Do i need to get a better HDD. if so are there any that you would reccomend



  Jackcoms 16:48 02 Jun 2006

By definition a bigger hard drive will be slower because programs and processes have to 'hunt' over a larger area before working.

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  leeknight67 16:52 02 Jun 2006

by definition yes. but my dads laptop is 80GB and only has half the ram as mine but his still runs quickly

  Jackcoms 16:54 02 Jun 2006

But how much of his HDD is being used when compared to yours?

  jz 17:37 02 Jun 2006

The bigger hard disk drive doesn't sound like the reason. I'd be surprised if it made any significant difference to speed.

It could be spyware, malware, etc, so using an anti-spyware programme such as Spybot.

I've come across PCs before that had this problem and just couldn't fix them so I re-formatted the hard disk and re-installed Windows + all other programmes. It's a drastic thing to do, but if all else fails, it's worth a try. I've found that it usually fixes things.

  Jimmy14 18:38 02 Jun 2006

the rpm (rotation of hdd speed) because I have a computer at 4200rpm and another laptop at 5400rpm and you can notice the difference in hdd speed

  jz 19:19 02 Jun 2006

10 seconds to open an application sounds very slow to me, even with a 4200rpm hand disk.

leeknight67: do all programmes take this long? How fast do small programmes take to load (eg Calculator)?

  leeknight67 10:41 03 Jun 2006

the smaller ones loads up instantly. firefox and when i start to dial up to broadband take the longest to load up

  wee eddie 11:34 03 Jun 2006

Do you mean "Load" or "Connect"

  Sethhaniel 12:26 03 Jun 2006

if its a small processor no matter how much ram is in the speed won't vary
maybe the processor was clocked and the repair has unclocked it :)

  leeknight67 21:22 03 Jun 2006

Just an update. I formatted the HDD and when windows was reinstalling the laptop created a partition. ive never seen it happen before and ive done this on many cmputers in the past. and it is now running like it should run. thanks for your input guys

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