1GB of RAM or 2GB?

  X™ 23:00 27 May 2008

My brother has a Dell Inspiron 1300 with a 1.6 Celeron and 512MB of RAM. I know from experience that an extra half a gig gives it a nice kick up the backside.

The processing speed seems fine for them, I was looking at giving it an upgrade, but I probably wont.

So will 2GB be significantly faster then 1GB, bear in mind it's usually used for office work.

Has XP SP2 on it.

It's comming out of my pocket though, I'm 15. I recently gave it a motherboard replacement actually, my brother spilt wine on it. Haha, brothers!

Thanks, Josh.

  brundle 23:02 27 May 2008

The more the better but the change in performance when going from 512MB to 1GB will be more noticeable than 1Gb to 2GB. There won't be a vast increase in speed with such a lowly processor anyway.
I would say 1GB is plenty for the purposes you've outlined.

  X™ 23:06 27 May 2008

Do you think a 2GHZ Processor upgrade will be bettter? If so, do you think the stock cooling will handle it, even without the fan on, the laptop is running at solid 50.

  brundle 23:09 27 May 2008

Not worth the effort or money, memory upgrade is more cost effective.

  X™ 23:10 27 May 2008

OK, thanks brundle, you seem to be superman onthis forum tonight, I'll mark it as resolved. ;)


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