will not access router?

  stugra 19:47 04 Jan 2006

Not sure if I should have duplicated this here - but I just realised that there is a networking forum and it is better suited here.

I am going bonkers with this one - especially as there is no UK support helpline!

Equipment: Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway WAG354G

Problem: I set it up but when I type in my browser it does not see the router - just comes up with page not found errors.
IPCONFIG tells me the IP address is
This gives me a Local Area Connection 2 icon by the clock, but with a yellow triangle and exclaimation mark.

Forcing the IP address to (I think that is what I am doing by tweaking) gets rid of the Local Area Connection 2 icon by the clock, and makes the LAC2 in 'my connections' say it is connected.

This is all very confusing to me and I am at a complete loss. I therefore appeal to the wifi experts for your fantastic knowledge please? Thanks, Stu.

  mgmcc 20:45 04 Jan 2006

I assume you are trying to configure the router using a "wired" connection between the PC's network adapter and the router?

That being the case, as the router is not at the moment allocating an IP address to the network adapter, you need to enter it manually. Open the Network Connections folder, right click Local Area Connection 2 (do you have two network adapters installed?), select Properties, highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. In the box that opens, click "Use the following IP address" and enter:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the router's IP address)

See if that lets you access the router's Setup pages.

  mgmcc 20:48 04 Jan 2006

With regard to the thread title "", that is the *ROUTER's* IP address. The network adapter needs its own unique address in the same range.

  stugra 20:48 04 Jan 2006

I wondered about the '2' bit.

I have a firewire card and an ethernet card only. The only other item is a 'ATM connection' which is for my USM modem.

I Have tried the above settings already to no avail, except i have never put in a default gateway - off to do that now.

  stugra 20:55 04 Jan 2006

None of the above worked I am afraid

  stugra 20:56 04 Jan 2006

With regards to your P.S. above - the router and the modem are in the same box - I am unsure what you mean by a network adapter - is that another name for the modem/router?

  mgmcc 21:22 04 Jan 2006

<<< I am unsure what you mean by a network adapter >>>

The network adapter is the hardware in the PC that you plug an ethermet cable into to connect to the router. It is the "Local Area Connection" in the Network Connections folder.

Network adapter = ethernet adapter = ethernet card = NIC (network interface card)

  stugra 21:27 04 Jan 2006

Have just been on to tech support - it appears that this is something to do with my PC as I cannot ping ??

  mgmcc 23:12 04 Jan 2006

Have you configured the "Local Area Connection" in the Network Connections folder with the IP address with Subnet Mask

If so, do you have any firewall software running? That could block attempts to 'ping' the router.

  stugra 10:05 05 Jan 2006

Yes, I turned off the firewall for the installation, and the IP address and subnet mask are set as you say.

  stugra 10:20 05 Jan 2006

I ended up putting this thread in two places as I didn't realise there was a networking session.

I wonder if the other thread is of any use to you to help me out?

I really appreciate your time.


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