192 Quality

  jnevill 15:04 03 Nov 2004

Being new to mp3 files, can somebody please explain what "192 quality" is?

  ACOLYTE 15:20 03 Nov 2004

192 i think is the bit rate or the sound quality usually the higher the bit rate the better the sound,and the bigger the file but it doesnt always work that way if you get the bit rate to high it can distort the playback somewhat depending on what sound system you have some are better than others 192 is about standard rate 44100Hz so you should be ok.

  jimv7 15:29 03 Nov 2004

cd quality is normally 128.

  joseph K 15:52 03 Nov 2004

These are usually between 128 bps and 320 bps these days. Though I used to use as little as 80 bps and that sounded pretty good to my ageing ears. 192 bps is considered to be a little better than average. I would say that you would have to have very good ears to tell the difference between a cd and 160 bps, or even 128 bps. If you have similar ears to min 80 bps is fine.

What you must remember is the more bps the larger thwe space. bps standing for bits for second, or in the case of a cd that would probably be better if it read Pits per second. So every second the lazer moves it has covered e.g. 192 bits (pits) of audio information.

  joseph K 15:54 03 Nov 2004

That may sound as though they would use the same space, which on a cd they do. However on a hard drive the more bps, the more space taken.

  jnevill 16:36 03 Nov 2004

Thanks to everyone for the very quick and clear explanations. It's a lot clearer now.

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