18inch TFT Monitor

  brambles 19:27 23 Jan 2005

I have recently purchased a new Dell TFT monitor.
Dimensions Width Approx 14 inch
Dimensions Height Approx 12inch
Dimension Diagonal 18 inch.
I am using WINDVD Gold but even on full screen I only get a 14inch X 8inch picture in other words there is a 2inch gap above & below the film.

Do I assume this is the best I can achieve and that a true full screen is not achievable.
Resolution 1280X1024.

First DVD viewing with Brad Pitt freebie


  Diodorus Siculus 19:58 23 Jan 2005

Likely that the dvd player is set into Widescreen - are there any borders along the left and right, or is it only top and bottom?

  TOPCAT® 20:52 23 Jan 2005

here's a review of the latest version that may be of help. TC.

".... However, WinDVD does have a function which allows you to turn a widescreen movie into a fullscreen one, which is one of the most requested features. Fortunately, this feature is easy to access, and does not require tricky configuration as with some other DVD players. All one needs to do to activate this feature is to go to the "Display" sub-panel, and change the "Widescreen" option to "Pan & Scan" (this option is only available in fullscreen mode). This doesn't appear to work for non anamorphic enhanced title (such as The X-Files DVD I was testing progressive de-interlacing on). There is also a "widescreen" which is designed for widescreen TV output (using non square pixels). There is also a "Panorama Widescreen" mode, which I think coverts a 2.35:1 movie to 1:85:1...."

click here

  brambles 12:12 25 Jan 2005

The problem is only with the Brad Pitt freebie!

The sub panel is blanked out when this is playing so I can only alter the Video Window.

Just played a new Chicago DVD we purchased yesterday & it's perfect full screen.

Thanks for your responses anyway


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