184 Pin DDR DIMM 1GB PC2100 DDR Memory (266mhz)

  [DELETED] 20:04 29 Apr 2006

Hi I have a A7V333 Socket A Motherboard VIA KT33 Chipset DDR SDRAM,with a AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2200+ processor,& has 3 DIMM sockets of which two have 512MB DIMMS in & List as double bank , I Have just put what was marked up as a 1GB DIMM in the 1st socket, & when I re booted it is listing in my computer general as 512MB, & also ASUS PC Probe as Memory Module #1 Installed Size 512MB Single-bank Enabled Size 512MB Single-bank, the DIMM I installed had 8 chips each side, is the DIMM faulty & only one side is working?
Or do all DIMMS have to be of equal value on this motherboard?
Or do you think the DIMM is marked wrong & was only a 512MB in the 1st place.
Does my motherboard support High Density ram?
Please help if you can advise me thanks

  [DELETED] 20:33 29 Apr 2006

According to the manual for your motherboard, click here, you can have any combination of memory modules. Try the 1G module on it's own and see what it is detected as.

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