1800XP & ASUS A7V333

  [DELETED] 11:44 09 Oct 2003

I have flashed the board with the latest bios update.

I have XP Professional, 1024 PC2100, Matrox G200, 240gb Hard Drives, SCSI expansion card, Firewire card and USB card...using it as a non dedicated server.

Anyway...when I go into the bios to set the CPU speed it only offers me 3 options and none of them are correct. The closest is 1600mhz, the others are 1200/2000mhz respectively.

What would be the correct BIOS settings for such a chip, like the Multiplier and FSB ect, maybe I am doing something wrong in the bios.

It runs ok at 1600mhz, but the temp goes up to 56C, which I am not to keen on. I like to keep my CPU's under 50C. The fan is a proper AMD fan that can hold up to 3ghz Athlons.


  [DELETED] 13:14 09 Oct 2003

As far as I know the 1800xp cpu runs around 1533Mhz so you should have your FSB set to 133Mhz with a multipier of 11.5 . But I believe on the A7V333 you set the FSB with jumpers on the mobo. See here click here
Hope this helps.

  [DELETED] 13:24 09 Oct 2003

ps. I used to have an 1800XP also and i can remember that it used to idle around about 54-56c and go up to 60c under load. This wasn't a problem as the cpu max temp is around 85-90c before it burns out. One suggestion might be to remove the heatsink, clean the cpu and heatsink surface then re-apply some new thermal compound.(especially if the pc is a few years old) Also what is the airflow like through you case? How many case fans and are cables blocking the airflow?

  [DELETED] 14:45 09 Oct 2003

Cheers for the reply...it's an aluminium case, very well ventillated. It came with two built in fans, one close to the heat sink, the other in front of the hard-drives. Altogether there are 4 fans, from the heatsink/psu and the two fans I mentioned above.

I made sure that cooling was a priority, since I leave that machine on 24/7

Hoping to avoid the jumpers, lol...very annoying little things.

When you say FSB 133mhz, is that the 100/33 setting or the 133 and above setting?


  [DELETED] 16:19 09 Oct 2003

CPU Speed - manual
Multiplier - 11.5x
CPU Ext Freq - 133/33
Mem Freq - Auto or 266
To be honest I'm suprised yor mobo didn't automatically pick up the correct cpu speed. I know when I got my 2800XP my mobo, also an ASUS brand, didn't pick up the correct speed and in the end I discovered the cpu was duff. As to the cpu temp, if it's an older palimino core which use the 15 micron technology then it will run quite hot but if its a t'bred then it should be running a bit cooler. Hope this helps. mike

  [DELETED] 21:44 09 Oct 2003

Cheers Mike...

Set the Multiplier to 11.5, Freq to 133/33 and it is now being picked up as a 1900xp, running at 1600mhz, 49c tops, so all is well.

Cheers for your assistance Mike, very appreciated and spot on.

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