1800+ = 1.15ghz? surely that's not right

  Nonnyriley 08:06 11 Mar 2003

I'm still hoping someone can help out with my problem on start up/video problems but in the mean time I have a K7S5A PRO motherboard and amd athlon xp 1800+ processor so when I first turn on my pc why am I told my speed is only 1150mhz, I'm sure it should be 1.4/1.5GHZ. I think it's to do with bios settings or jumpers on the motherboard but I'm not sure.

  Simon_P 08:15 11 Mar 2003

in BOIS you need to set your Front Side Bus (FSB) to 133Mhz, looks like it is set at 100Mhz

This will give you the correct clock speed.

  Spindrift 08:16 11 Mar 2003

BIOS Frequency settings should be 133/133 for CPU and either PC133 or DDR2100 RAM. Check the manual for MoBo jumper settings (if any) or multiplyer settings for FSB=133.

  Nonnyriley 16:13 11 Mar 2003

Just tried it and yes! it's now 1800+. I was begining to think I got conned.

Thanks again. Now I just need to get the computer working.

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