17" laptop suggestions for £500 or thereabouts

  compumac 20:26 21 Jul 2011

I have just purchased a Samsung NP RV711 laptop for my daughter and am so far quite impressed with it. We only use our PC's for generally web browsing and word processing along with spreadsheets, but two of my desktops are used with Photoshop CS3 for photo editing. Any recommendations for any other 17" laptop upto perhaps the £500 area?

  chub_tor 22:18 21 Jul 2011

This Toshiba Click Here from Amazon would be my choice.

  Ex plorer 10:41 22 Jul 2011

Samsung R730 Click here A tad over £500 but you may find it cheaper elsewhere but make sure its the same spec other R730 come with smaller processors etc.

  northumbria61 10:51 22 Jul 2011

I would go with the Samsung (as per Ex plorer) For the extra cash you get double the HDD space.

  northumbria61 11:13 22 Jul 2011

Having looked around at a few sites for prices I would say that the Samsung one already suggested would be your Best Buy. Comparing it to R730 on sale at Argos at £499.99 - the Argos one Spec. is different - only 3GB RAM - 500GB HDD and although it has Windows 7 Home Premium it doesn't specify 64 bit as it does on the BT site. £514.80 for that Spec. and FREE delivery - just go for it !!

Argos details link text

  northumbria61 11:19 22 Jul 2011

Same price from Amazon (only query is it 64bit?) link text

  compumac 15:14 22 Jul 2011

As I said I have the Samsung NP-RV711 which I am given to understand is the updated version of R730 (as suggested) and is also 64bit.

  compumac 15:22 22 Jul 2011

I should have added that the RV711 has 500GB as opposed to the R730 of 600GB and is £462 on Amazon. 500Gb is plenty for me as I have a number of external hard drives that could be conected if so required(backup images etc)

  compumac 20:57 22 Jul 2011

Thinking about it again, I wonder as to what I might get for £500 for a desktop base (no monitor)?

  northumbria61 21:04 22 Jul 2011

This one is spot on £500 inc. VAT and comes with 21.5in monitor. Good Spec!link text

  compumac 18:02 24 Jul 2011

I am having a rethink on this. Any thoughts on the differences between the Samsung RC710 and the R780?

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