17" TFT monitor...Which one to buy?

  hugeb 22:09 27 Sep 2003

I'm going to upgrade to a 17" TFT but am bemused by the number out there. Does anyone have some constructive advice on which one to go for? I'm running win 98SE with AMD Duron 1100 and 256meg SDRam with 40GB HDD. Should I upgrade chip and ram as well? I want to run CAD on this pc.

  Forum Editor 22:38 27 Sep 2003

you'll definitely need to beef up your computer's specification.

You're correct in thinking that you should upgrade your CPU (to the maximum speed that your motherboard will support) and the RAM. I would double the RAM, and if you can afford it after all that
click here to take a look at a clutch of recommended flat panel monitors. Buy the best monitor that your budget allows - CAD is one of the most demanding of computing tasks, and a good display is essential.

  hugeb 23:45 27 Sep 2003

Thanks forum editor ....it says the TFT's have a digital connection? is that different to a normal monitor connector?

  dotterel 00:00 28 Sep 2003

One of the current computer mags has a review of lots on TFT monitors at the moment (sorry-can't remember which). The prices are well out of date, though. The article quotes £430 for the Philips 170B4MG which is available in PCWorld for £340 (cheapest source I could find, so I bought mine there). I'm absolutely blown away by the sharpness and brightness. It also pivots to portrait format which is brilliant for doing A4 worksheets. If you do a search of this site you'll find lots of other recommendations. happy hunting!

  PUNKA 16:44 30 Sep 2003

Issue 146 of computeractive magazine has a somewhat indepth review of the best buys on the market at the moment it might give you some guidance good luck.

  woodchip 16:56 30 Sep 2003

AOC is a good TFT to go for click here=*&keyword=aoc+tft If it does not take you to the correct page type in search AOC TFT

  Djohn 17:00 30 Sep 2003

Yep! As woodchip says AOC offer excellent value for money. I have the 17" TFT and I'm delighted with it. j.

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