17" LCD Monitor - advice required to buy

  chrismuir 15:00 20 Jul 2003


Am thinking of buying a 17" LCD monitor to replace my existing CRT, and to give me a bit more space on my PC desk. I play a number of PC games, and have heard stories that LCD monitors cannot cope with fast moving images, is this true?

Can anyone recommend a good model to buy? I am looking in the sub £300 range if possible.



  Rayuk 15:11 20 Jul 2003

Best to get one with 25ms response time or less for gaming.
Think you may struggle a little finding a 17" at this price point with low response time.

Hitachi and Benq both do 16ms but at £330-340

  chrismuir 23:20 27 Jul 2003


Thanks for the info. I had read somewhere that sub 30ms response times were recommended, will keep looking at the specs of monitors I guess.

Any more hardware recommendations appreciated for 17" LCD monitors.


  xania 13:30 28 Jul 2003

Whatever you do, make sure you see one working first. You have to consided your eye-sight. And different people react differntly to differnt types and speeds of flicker. If possible, test the one you are about to buy viewing a fast moving video or game in operation.

  krall 18:15 28 Jul 2003

Just invested in a Hitachi CML175SXW 17" TFT and can thourghly recommend it. response time is 16ms and super for games. i paid about £386 incl carriage.

  chrismuir 22:50 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for the advice......will look at the Hitachi, hopefully the prices will fall slightly. Is it silver as would prefer one that colour (hmmmm....I sound like someone from Changinr Rooms with that sort of comment!!). Any one else got a 17" LCD that they would recommend???


  The Sack 22:57 13 Aug 2003

Acer AL712 click here £317

Response time of 20ms (rising and falling) plus a DVi connector to boot. Superb monitor at a realistic price.

  ajm 23:09 13 Aug 2003

PCW have the IIYAMA prolite E430s in stock for around £360. i bought one about 3-4 weeks ago. VERY happy. have a loot at click here

  woodchip 23:18 13 Aug 2003

Have a look hear at this one LM720A 17" TFT LCD click here=*&keyword=17%22+tft+monitors&imageField422.x=16&imageField422.y=8

  woodchip 23:25 13 Aug 2003

Copy Paste the model number into the search at the top of the page, as the link goes to the wrong page

  igram 23:29 13 Aug 2003

Acer AL 732 - Great looks, brilliant display,inbuilt sound (adequate) saves a heck of a lot of space on the desk (and its silver too). Has auto setup - just plug it in - accepts all sorts of video and sound options (all cables provided) I am very pleased with my purchase

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